Boy Scout Troop 505

Boy Scouts of America
Three Fires Council, Thunderbird District

 High-Adventure 2015

Philmont  2015
Cimarron, NM

Philmont Training Hike

Sat Dec 12 Danada 25lbs 7 miles

Sat Jan 16 Greene Valley 30lbs 5 miles

Sat Feb 13 Blackwell 35lbs 7 miles

Sat Mar 19 Blackwell including the Hill 7 miles 35lbs

Sat Apr 16 Waterfall Glen 35lbs 10 miles

Sat May 14 Springbrook Praire 40lbs 5.5 miles no shade

June 17th 19th Shakedown Hike at Kettle Morraine

The following training schedule should be considered a minimum for most people.. If you cannot make a training event please make up the training (for example the next day). Mr Emden is going out many weekends so contact him if you are looking for a partner on a make up hike. Mr. Sutton is also trying to get out more often so also ask him.

At Philmont you will be carrying around 40 lbs, sometimes more and sometimes less (depending on whether this is the day we picked up food or not). So investing some time in being prepared is worth it. What will you gain with this training schedule.

Firstly you will start working on the fitness level. All that is very important but even more important you will start working out how your pack and boots fit and make adjustments. This is definitely the time to work out how to make your feet comfortable so I recommend bringing moleskin and/or duct tape in case you need to adjust on the trail. Finally, you will enjoy some great company and learn the hiking styles of your fellow crew members.

Finally, the Shakedown Hike will be a weekend of camping with Philmont gear (including tents we you are bringing your own to Philmont). You should plan on this weekend to include all your gear you are taking, a full check out. We will be cooking with the backpacking stoves and eating trail style meals. We will try and set this up as a tent carrying experience as close to Philmont experience as possible. This may include breaking down camp in the morning and carrying our gear to the evening camp.

July 22, 2016 (Fri) 3:50 pm Philmont Depart from Naperville Amtrak - Southwest Chief
July 23, 2016 (Sat) Lunch Arrive into Philmont - Raton Amtrak 10:56 am

Aug 3, 2016 (Wed) Breakfast Depart from Philmont - Raton Amtrak 5:32 pm
Aug 4, 2016 (Tue) 2:44 pm Arrive into Naperville Amtrak - Southwest Chief 2:44 pm

Philmont Scout Ranch
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron, NM 87714




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